We are ridiculously dedicated to helping Executives transition from Corporate to activate their power and live their dream as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and be Unstoppable Together.

Pheiff Group Mission and Philosophy

Pheiff Group, Inc. has become a highly recognized company in the category of coaching executives to transition from Corporate to activate their power and live their dream as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur simply by following our mission statement:

To keep the passion of life activated.

Culture Code: FREEDOM

Today’s business leaders are passionate about how they live. The desire to live where they want, work with whom they want, and make the kind of income they want goes beyond the 9-5. Business leaders will build their lifestyle around their work. Whether they are leading a seminar, writing their next novel, speaking to a crowd of thousands, or mentoring a colleague their unique taste and lifestyle, it’s an obsession; and Pheiff Group is in the business of feeding that obsession. It’s a FREEDOM thing, and we understand.

Pheiff Group, Inc. handles this commitment the old fashioned way, by putting our money, energy, and focus where our mission statement guides us.

The programs we offer include many of the most significant forces that drive our lives from money, relationships, health, and business. Our participants quickly discover the relationship between a life activated and high performance behaviors. Once an executive makes the transition from corporate to a lifestyle entrepreneur, nothing will ever be the same again. And the Pheiff Group will be there each step of the way to ensure business success.

Our philosophy:

  • Experience, not information overload
  • Community, not networking boredom
  • Learning, not lecturing
  • Embracing Gender Equality, not aggression
  • Participating, not observing
  • Having Fun, not taking it too seriously



  • Exclusive Community Group

  • Monthly Live Webinars hosted by today’s leading business experts

  • Weekly interviews on the Podcast 

  • Ongoing programs to develop your enhance your skills to excel and develop high-performance habits

  • Community events worldwide to promote your business; collaborate and partner.

  • The resources section for more FREE tools and programs.


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Connie Pheiff


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Branding | Social Marketing

Sophia Ellis



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