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Activate My Power Coaching Program

Turn My Passion into Profit

Learn everything you need to turn your passion to profit

The goal of my signature Activate My Power Coaching is Activating The Power of Today’s Professional Woman to Achieve Business Success. Our packages are designed to help you achieve your business success FAST! You will receive 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and membership to our Activate Community. The cost of membership along with your BONUS package – priceless! I want you to become a lifelong client and friend.

I am honored to be of service to you. It’s important to understand, that unlike most coaches, I don’t sell sessions but instead I lead you to SUCCESS. Together we make shift happen and activate your power! It’s a process that usually requires a few sessions to follow through and make sure all is going as it should. That’s one of the reasons my clients get the results they do. I will walk along side of you to ensure you will achieve success. This process is for the highly committed professional women or men, who absolutely want their FREEDOM to live anywhere, work with whom they choose, make an impact, and get paid. We get to the source of why people are stuck, why they haven’t changed yet and what needs to be implemented to scale a business.

We only accept individuals who are willing to dramatically increase their income and willing to modify their behaviors and actions in order to get these results. Commitment, accountability and personal responsibility are required. Do not read on if you aren’t willing to stand by that model.

Fee is agreed to and paid immediately before we begin working together and is non-refundable. If you choose to quit for any reason, the unused fees are donated to The mission of Dress for Success –  empowering women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Your success comes with your full participation and ultimate acceptance of responsibility for the change you are about to make for yourself. Then miracles can and do happen quite often. Change cannot happen without you… and you following the program and accepting responsibility for your own mind, body, spirit, state of mind, etc. Each part of the five-step program can be done in unison, but we will spend a great deal of time on process and you completing projects on your own time. This is a front loaded program and the reason for the upfront payment.

Along with your fee, I ask for a detailed accurate testimonial | endorsement in either written or video that I can use publicly. You also agree to introduce me to potential coaching clients.

I am happy and motivated to serve you, provided you are highly motivated to help yourself and reciprocate to me. This is beyond monetary compensation.

This unique and exclusive program begins with a three-month deep dive where you will learn who you are, accelerate your business for maximum impact and get paid the rate you want. The remaining nine-months we provide you weekly group coaching calls, access to our exclusive membership for professional women, and invitation to our special events throughout the year at discounted rates before they are sold to the public. ~ get ready to work!

What you get ~ Coaching and Mentoring throughout the Five-Step Formula to know yourself and then Accelerate Your Business

Then we move to Acceleration by working through the 5Ps to activate your power.

PROCESS ~ a successful business creates the processes right the first time. The rewards are almost too numerous to mention. High levels of satisfaction, stimulating challenges, prestige, high earning potential, and become an opportunity hunter and make major contributions.

POSITION ~ develop your marketing plan to flow from the business plan and understand what products or services you will bring to your market segment. Position yourself as the thought leader, the expert and invest in developing a professional brand, one sheet, bio, and message. By identifying which market segment, you will target, you will be able to focus your efforts and select the best methods of reaching each group.

PACKAGE ~ you will craft your unique message to engage your audience and begin to own your competitive advantage. Your package will be tailored to your market and create an image of high-value, high-quality, engagement and excellence.

PROMOTION ~ you’ll spend some time on mindset and understanding why people will hire your services. Use cutting edge technology for greater reach and competitive edge. Grow your sales channel by using marketing and media to gain access to major distribution channels.

PERFORMANCE ~ establish financial benchmarks to measure success. Objectives and goals are defined providing the ability to focus your efforts and energies more easily and in such a way that positive action is taken. Building accountability throughout your performance measurements.

I love my work and seeing professional women activate their power as we allow negative conditions fade away. Our success rate, even on difficult cases, is very high and we plan on keeping it there. Our devotion to our clients warrants the same in return and in that way we have maximum synergy. This creates a powerful business building connection and makes us each Unstoppable in our own power.



Bonus #1 ~ no one likes making sales calls. We’ll show you how to control your income by keeping your schedule full of future clients. Clients wanting to work with you… and sign up for your exclusive high-end coaching, consulting, speaking, programs… all ready for you.

Bonus #2 ~ a behind the scenes look at my business model. I am giving it all away. From group program launches, info products that could easily make you 5-figures per month, creating an award winning podcast, and emails we use to get booked solid from 1:1 coaching when I first started in my coaching, mentoring, and speaking business.

Bonus #3 ~ imagine how quickly you can achieve your success if you took all the guesswork out of your planning. I will give you my launch system that you could replicate, an easy to follow launch of your first 6-figure group program. We’re removing the stress and confusion of not knowing what you don’t know to launch a six-figure business in six months.

Bonus #4 ~ It took me nearly 10-years to figure out how to run my business from using virtual assistants, to hiring employees. I was derailed many times from not knowing how to register my business with the local, state, and federal agencies; or properly filing my trademarks. Not to worry, we are going to give you a detailed breakdown of my business model and share with you the systems I use to run a successful business.

Bonus #5 ~ each Wednesday at 6 pm PST you are invited to our weekly Mastermind call with your peers. We take a break for the summer and will restart in September.

Bonus #6 ~ lifetime membership to my signature Activate Community.

Bonus #7 ~ (2) VIP Access Passes to my our events. Date TBD.

Bonus #8 ~ access to some of today’s greatest business minds who are willing to share best practices for accelerating your business.

BONUS * BONUS ~ for our speaking clients you can take advantage of working with a member of our publicist team as we represent you to event planners and get you booked. This is an additional fee of $500 per month, plus 18% per booking.

(Bonus Package Alone is a Value over $35,000)

Conditional Guarantee

The reason we require an application structure is to ensure you are serious about activating your power. When you work hard – we work hard for you! You will quickly know when you’re ready to scale, live anywhere, work with whom you want, make an impact and get paid what you want to get paid. When you follow my proven formula, do all your assignments, keep in touch with the team, and consistently and work on your business by putting our suggestions and recommendations into action… which I know you will do, you will achieve success and we will Be Unstoppable Together.


Spots are going fast. Sign up and claim yours at this price.

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