Let’s be honest: in this day and age, personally branded public speakers abound. The need for an effective online presence is more important for your brand than ever. Luckily, there are multiple tools that you can use to advance your online persona and get booked fast. From publishing unique content on LinkedIn Publisher, to directly reaching your target audience with LeadFuze, there are a plethora of simple actions you can take that will have lasting impacts on your journey to getting booked. Learn how these platforms and more can be used to help you gain more visibility, advance your reputation, and boost your online presence.

Gain social traction and demand clients’ attention with these resources:

LinkedIn Publisher:

Never undervalue the power of sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world – that’s the whole reason why you’re a speaker, right? Repurpose your best ideas into a post on LinkedIn Publisher to spread awareness of your brand and what you stand for. A few tips: start with a unique, eye-catching title, make use of relevant graphics and images, keep your content clear and concise, and play to your niche or industry. The age old phrase “quality over quantity” is important to keep in mind. One thoughtful, well-written post per week is exponentially more effective than multiple weak, rushed articles.

LinkedIn Publisher gives you the power to reach beyond your network, share your authority on a particular subject matter with the world, and boost your visibility.

Sponsored content on LinkedIn, Quora, and Instagram:

Similar to posting content on your own accounts, making use of sponsored content can help you reach a larger audience quickly. Tailor your content for different platforms and use them to your advantage. On LinkedIn, repurpose an existing article to reach thought leaders in your industry. Use sponsored content on Quora to ask the right questions, thoughtfully answer others in your favor, and start conversations with targeted professionals. Build relationships and showcase your knowledge and experience with branded content on Instagram. You never know what connections will prompt leads, and which leads will convert to bookings, so don’t leave an opportunity to get your name out there up to chance.


Even the best content is useless if it doesn’t fall into the right hands. LeadFuze is a software that addresses this pitfall by generating lists of potential customers that will want to hear more about what you have to offer, even integrating automated follow-ups and communication. This way, you can stop wasting your time and efforts on leads that aren’t looking to book services like your own, and spend more time on those that are. Targeted leads will ensure that the right clients are hearing from you – ultimately saving you from exhausting one of your most precious resources: your time. When you reach the right audience, building a community around your brand will be soon to follow.

eLink Pro:

A marketing software that prospects leads on LinkedIn, eLink Pro builds your online community, and connects your with potential clients. Identify a few keywords that are relevant to your brand, let eLink Pro do the prospecting for you, and devote your time to doing what really matters – developing relationships with your newly-found leads.

Pop-up maker plus Mailchimp:

Anyone who uses Mailchimp knows how effective it is for designing meaningful, easy-to-read email content for your audience. Now, after an integration with Pop-up Maker, adding contacts to your lists couldn’t be easier. Link your popup forms to your Mailchimp lists and automatically add website visitors to specific subscriber groups. The more people you reach with your email subscription lists, the more likely you are to nab that next client.


Need a boost in Instagram followers, but don’t know where to turn? SocialBuddy is a powerful follower-growth tool that can increase your audience and engagement in mere weeks. This service focuses on location and hashtag data to target potential followers and drive them to your page. SocialBuddy’s tactics lead to organic growth with real users, not bots, who will want to interact with your content. Another audience targeting tool, SocialBuddy boosts your visibility by bringing potential clients to you, allowing you to focus on your brand and create engaging content for your new followers to discover.

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