The power of the “one sheet” in the public speaking realm is often overlooked by new speakers – but it’s integral to your success. Your one sheet is often your first introduction to clients, so it’s important that you take time to perfect it in order to get booked fast. While every speaker should take some creative liberties with their one sheet, there are a few essential elements that will make yours shine.

Perfect one sheet must-haves

Answers to key questions

The primary goal of a one sheet is to provide potential clients with a summary of who you are, and what benefits you provide. To be effective, your one sheet must answer some key questions about your work. The most important include:

  • In what area are you an expert?
  • What makes you an expert in that area?
  • Why should you be booked over your competition?
  • What kind of presentation do you give, and for what kind of audience?
  • How can you be reached for more information?

A short, and succinct bio

Don’t shy away from including a short bio about yourself on your one sheet – just be sure to keep in mind who your audience is: the client. When drafting the content, make sure that it answers their inherent questions: what gives you the most expertise, how can you address their problems, and what makes you stand out. Be sure that every sentence has a purpose. Your one sheet is not a place for “fluff”!

Your experience and accolades

Your one sheet is essentially a resume. It’s an opportunity for you to brag about your accomplishments and sell yourself – it is a marketing tool, after all! As with the your bio, keep in mind that the experience you include here should be relevant to the kind of speaking engagement you are targeting. Use this area to expound upon why you are the best suited speaker for the job. Include all experiences and accomplishments that make you unique and differentiate you from your competition.

An effective, eye-catching, branded design

As you can already tell, your one sheet needs to include a lot of information, and yes—is most effectively presented on one sheet (although two pages may also be acceptable). This means your page layout has to be extremely organized in order to be effective. The best layouts are simple, clean, and section off your essential information into easy-to-read portions. In addition to providing your most important details as a speaker, your one sheet presents a perfect opportunity to show off your brand. A client should be able to take one glance at it and immediately be familiar with your personality. Incorporate your brand’s color scheme, one-of-a-kind graphics, and a great photo of yourself. Your voice should shine through the page and demand to be heard.

By incorporating all of these elements onto your one sheet, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve painted an accurate, engaging portrait of yourself, your brand, and your talents. Now that you’ve conveyed to potential clients why you’re a must-have for their next engagement, you will be well on your way to getting booked.