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Now on to squash your stress…

It’s midweek and if you’re anything like the ladies over at Activate Your Power, you’re likely losing your mind or just about to. This seems to be the same experience for women across the board, in all industries, all positions, from everywhere. Why? Because we’re women and we do it all. And we can!

But sometimes it doesn’t always feel like that. And that’s where we need reminding that with the right mindset and the right tools to control our sometimes self-doubting thoughts, we can be unstoppable. We all have the ability to change simple thoughts and flip them into fuel for productivity and accomplishing goals.

It’s vital to our success in a world that will continue to test us.

We’ve asked a few of our top women business leader mentors how they handle feeling completely overwhelmed and taken a few pages out of our own book to share with you as you make it through another week.

1. Don’t run to distractions:

When we get nervous, anxious, or just plain scared of what’s ahead, we all cope differently. Many of us may eat, stop eating, procrastinate, or pick up any distraction nearby to mentally “run away”. You have to catch yourself when you make this switch. A great way to stay on task and face the music when you’re overwhelmed is to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Turn off all notifications for emails and texts, delete social media apps, and block websites you know will take away your focus while you work. Train yourself to channel that energy into the work you love and don’t run from the heat!

2. Look at your to-do list and immediately move what you can:

We can get ahead of ourselves when it comes to to-do lists, piling on as much as we can thinking we’ll find the time. But constantly looking at a list full of unfinished tasks as the day speeds up and time runs out creates a lot of unnecessary stress. If you find yourself constantly moving tasks over to the next day, then simply make your list shorter. Prioritize better and make your workload reasonable to avoid unnecessary stress. Look at your list and immediately remove a few things that are not pressing. For best efficiency, always write down your top 10 most important task for the week and schedule them at certain time on certain days so you know there is a set time they will get done.

3. Take time to acknowledge all the opportunities in the madness:

We can take stress and feeling overwhelmed as such a burden but in reality it is absolutely a gift. To be busy and people requesting your work is a huge honor and we only realize that if we look back to when we weren’t getting the phone calls and emails. Taking a moment to stop and look at how many great opportunities are in your life at this moment disguised as stress. Changing perspective and thinking is the sure fire way to eliminate most mental traps such as feeling overwhelmed. Remember, all thoughts are optional. One day when I was feeling overwhelmed a few months ago, I took out a piece of paper and wrote myself a letter reminding me to look at all the incredible opportunity meant for me in my life. I carry it always now as a source of motivation.

4. Stop multitasking:

As women, this is probably the hardest habit to control. We want to do everything at once, and in some scenarios, we’re really good at it. But it doesn’t help productivity, especially with work that requires your full skill and attention. Multitasking decreases your productivity by 40%. You are better off focusing your time and energy on one task at a time though it may feel like you’re wasting time. Again, here is where better scheduling rather than to-do lists really helps.

We know it’s been a crazy week and we hope all the things you asked for and deserve are coming your way! Handle them like a powerful woman.