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Some days and weeks you may been on top of the world and more than capable to take on all responsibilities and new opportunities and others you may feel like there is no way you’re going to make it to the end of the week (without wine).

The problem is success in all areas requires consistency. Being consistent and avoiding impulse is arguably the biggest key factor to success. Consistency is much easier to nail down if you avoid the ups and downs that stress causes. Having a handle on stress will have a positive impact on all areas in your life and relationships, business and personal. Taking care of yourself inside is the only way to manifest potential outside.

Here are a few tips on managing stress from top female business leaders.

Eliminate sneaky, unnecessary distraction:

We don’t even realize these days just how distracted we truly are. It’s always amazing when we hear about an author or artist from the past who were able to finish hundreds and sometimes thousands of works when we can’t get all our emails done in one day! They had the hours and minutes of pure focus and deep work we now lose to glances at the TV in the background,email popups, and social media checks over and over everyday. Are you getting to the end of your day and wondering how time is done, overwhelmed by what’s left on your to-do list? Eliminating the mindless distractions that steal precious minutes away will give you back more time than you would believe you have in your day.

Here are a few tips to eliminate distractions:

StayFocud: This is a really simple Google Chrome plugin that blocks distracting sites for certain amounts of time while you work.

Turn off push notifications: We may think it’s necessary to know about every incoming email and text but it’s so much more damaging than we really think. One notification can distract you from your original task for 23 minutes on average. Turn off push notifications and set one notification to check email twice a day. Anything pressing will call!

SaneBox: SaneBox automatically organizes your incoming emails so you don’t have to go through and try to figure out what is important. So when you do check email, you don’t spend a ton of time on nothing that doesn’t deserve it!

Be honest with yourself about time management:

Our perception have time has become warped by instant everything! We lie to ourselves about how much time we’re really spending on certain things, how much time things will take, and how much time we really have. It really messes up our ability to plan and organize, resulting in stress and defeat when we don’t get what we want done. The best way to eliminate this unnecessary stress is to know where your time goes and be honest with the time you need. Start by tracking your time using RescueTime to track where your time goes online and how long you spend on particular tasks. This way you can see where the distractions are and how to better schedule your week to get everything done.  

Throw away the to-do lists. They’re stressful:

I wish I could say “throw away your responsibilities” but that’s not what I’m saying. There are better ways to organize your responsibilities. To-do lists are our go-to option for task management but they really aren’t the best in terms of managing stress and time. We get ahead of ourselves and want to list out as much as possible to take on and when the day ends and there’s still tasks we haven’t crossed out, we get stressed. The list never really ends. It’s much better and less stressful to schedule tasks throughout the week ahead of time so that you know there is a time for everything you need to get done. is a great way to organize tasks by type and assign due dates. If you’re working with a team, Hibox is a perfect task scheduling platform.

Take time to create a mindset every morning:

If you’re anything like me, one “off” email in the morning can absolutely set me off in a negative mood that affects me stress levels throughout the day. The funny thing about emotions like this is just that – they’re emotions. They’re a choice. A way that is vital to making the right choice in terms of mindset throughout the day is making a conscious effort to choose a better mindset from the start. Everyone differs but a few ways to set your mind right are regular meditation, reading a motivational post or passage in a book, writing out what you hope for the day, exercise, or writing a gratitude list each morning. One thing I keep is a personal vision board on Pinterest. It’s easy to access and looking at it each day before I get started helps me focus on what I really want. Again, consistency here is key. It may be difficult to introduce new habits but the more you do them the more you will see a change in your stress and productivity.

I hope these tips are helpful as you continue to dare and conquer each day!

Sophia Ellis