Welcome to the Business Accelerator Quiz

The key to making more money and impacting greater change through your business is to continually improve the element that leads to higher sales and automated revenue. To do this, you need to have a clear picture of exactly where you are today and a vision of where you want to be six months, three years, or five years from now.

The assessment below is designated to do that! After investing just four minutes you’ll receive a “Report of Findings” that identifies the areas you can improve for greater results. It’s a simple step that could impact your business growth for a lifetime! And in some cases help you get your mojo back.

KEY POINT: Depending on your score, you may be eligible for a 1:1 complimentary

Business Acceleration Session that reveals:

1.Where you are strong in business and how you can leverage those strengths.

2.Where you are weak and what you need to do to turn it around.

3. Specific next steps you can take to experience the ease, profits, and fulfillment you desire. Once you take the assessment, check your inbox right away to review your “Report of Findings” and take your next steps to accelerating your success.

I have a clear, compelling, written vision for my business that reflects my personal mission

I know my primary and secondary target markets that want and need what I offer.

I understand what makes me unique and I articulate it effectively.

I have a quarterly plan for how I will turn my business vision into my reality.

I am crystal clear about the pain my process can heal or the dream I can help others achieve.

I truly understand my unique gift and am crystal clear how to turn it into my livelihood.

I have happy clients who have experienced the transformation I offer.

For each step of my process, I have clearly defined steps my clients need to take.

I know where my clients get blocked or stop taking action due to fear or frustration.

I have a clearly defined sales funnel to take prospects from “curious” to YES.

I have a compelling free opt-in gift that expresses the transformation I offer.

I pre-qualify prospects with an assessment before I offer them a strategy session.

I have an automated follow system for new contacts that leads to a sale.

I feel confident in my ability to turn ideal prospects into paying clients.

I currently offer my proven process in a series of audios or videos I am proud of.

I have a mid-priced, virtually delivered offer ($00-$900) that impacts powerful change.

I have case studies from clients who completed my program and experienced powerful results.

I am able to track where clients are in my process to catch those falling behind.

I have a system for holding clients accountable that is automated.

I have an administrative assistant that takes care of the day-to-day business stuff.

I have a technology expert on my team who helps with all the tech needs.

I have someone on my team who helps me provide exceptional customer service.

I have an experienced business coach I can turn to for expert feedback and insights.

I have a process for finding ideal team members.

If eligible, I’m ready to schedule a complimentary Business Acceleration session.

If eligible, I’m open to discussing my business income goals and my plan to get there.

If eligible, I’m open to investing in getting the support and tools I need to grow my business.