Fresh off the stage at a Global Women event in her homebase of London England, Activating the Power of Women’s newest chapter president Rachel Russell, spoke to us about just how she went from growing up in Brazil, leaving home at 13, to a corporate success and consultant inspiring women globally.

Old soul with a unique start:

Rachel’s beginning may sound a bit different from the average successful corporate woman, but that’s what’s given her a unique and daring outlook that separates her from the rest. Rachel was raised in Brazil by English missionary parents. As a result, she grew up speaking Portuguese and English with an exposure to global cultures that she happily absorbed. What didn’t sit well with old soul and free spirit Rachel was her parent’s outlook and straight-laced principles. Though young Rachel went through a dark period including a suicide attempt, the fiery spirit within her soon provided a light through the darkness to reveal further purpose and possibility. Rachel now aims to help others get back to a good mental place and recognize that when you’re in the middle of the darkness, you don’t see all of the other options.

Corporate IT’s Mary Poppins:

After her wild years figuring herself out after leaving home, Rachel ended up in an office job and was fired because she was dyslexic. This setback only made the fire in Rachel burn brighter. She went back to do a Bachelors of Arts at university and then went on to get her Masters in Computer Science. After learning how to excel with her dyslexia, Rachel began teaching classes on how to overcome and cure dyslexia.

After her studies, Rachel got her first job doing marketing and web development for a private school. She quickly moved on to managing project rollouts for hospitals. After moving to London, Rachel entered the finance world. She went on to help multinational companies such as Mercedes manage teams of 70+ members across several industries. From being fired from her first job, Rachel took a self sufficient path to being a vital part for top companies’ success.

Rachel transitioned into consulting and continue to take an unconventional approach to bettering corporate processes and methods. She says she enjoys “singing, skipping down the corridors, all the things not allowed in corporate”. Because of her eternally sunny attitude and ability to seemingly pull solutions and incredible ideas out of nowhere for her clients (as well as her lovely English accent), she’s earned the nickname “Mary Poppins”.

Connecting, healing, and elevating:

Outside of her work, Rachel has found another passion in her connection to the earth and animals and the healing energy they bring. Rachel adopted a racehorse and spent weeks bonding and connecting with him as she nursed him to health. She turned to healing herself through a vegan lifestyle and natural remedies; a knowledge she now shares with others. When she was told she had a stomach ulcer, she went on a month cleanse designed by herself, and emerged completely cured and healthy.

As a result of her own whirlwind rise to the top of corporate and personal experiences, Rachel is passionate about empowering women and women embracing their true potential. Rachel wants to show women that they can be their authentic selves, stick up for themselves, and help eachother to get to where we deserve to be. She believes we as women sell ourselves short and nothing should stop us from embracing the fire within us as Rachel has.

Rachel will be the director of the first ever overseas chapter of Activating the Power of Women in London beginning this May 4th. You can contact her at for more information on her chapter and upcoming events.