Tatiana Dudyez: How this power strategist & single mom dared to rediscover her truth

Power Strategist, former real estate leader, and single mother, Tatiana Dudyez is a wealth of knowledge from an incredible range of experiences few have been daring enough to pursue. Her full circle personal and professional story has lead her to her most fulfilling position yet: serving other ambitious women. Tatiana’s sole focus is to teach women in business how to connect to their higher power and create authentic performance in every part of their lives. Women Who Dare sat down with Tatiana a month before she hosts her first webinar for WWD titled “Feminine intelligence: the secrets to magnetic influence” to learn from Tatiana herself what it’s taken to get to this point of clarity and happiness as well as what she hopes to share with other women worldwide.

From the home to managing millions in real estate:

After marriage and two children, Tatiana went through what many women go to once their children reach school age: a place of lost identity. It wasn’t in her nature to spend hours a day in the home feeling unproductive and disconnect from the world. As an entrepreneur at heart, she had that insatiable urge to do something. She had spent a total of ten years out of the working world focusing on her family. While at home, her ambitious personality never left her, so she began interior design work from home. But this never felt like enough. To her, without a growing, impactful business, she wasn’t truly fulfilled. When her daughters were seven and ten years old, Tatiana started a niche corporate housing real estate business in her home city of Montreal, Canada. Within fifteen years, Tatiana was one of four founders managing the entire Montreal branch. With 1800 apartments, the franchise had spread across Canada. Tatiana had gone from stay-at-home mom to a board member of a $50 million franchise.

Old doors close, new doors open:

Though her business helped the true entrepreneur in Tatiana flourish, it did come with challenges and loss. Like many strong women, Tatiana saw her business as a protection from her sensitivities and a foundation for her personal stability.  Her passion for her business and independence ultimately lead to the end of her marriage. Her work became even more instrumental in being a pillar for financial and emotional stability as she continued to raise her two daughters on her own. When some negative events and betrayal took place internally at her company, that support system started to crack away, forcing Tatiana to realized and revisit “her truth”. Tatiana felt stuck without the same sense of passion she once did for her business and the life she’d built around it. But as this door seemed to close, another quickly opened.

Energy and purpose, rediscovered:

Tatiana was introduced to Tony Robbins when she was convinced by a partner to attended his event “Date with Destiny”. At this point, all Tatiana knew was he “had big teeth”. But after attending the intense event and crying for “six days and nights”, Tatiana knew much more about Robbins and herself that she could have ever predicted. Tatiana discovered that she wasn’t living the life she envisioned and was disconnected from what her heart wanted to live. Facing her biggest fear, Tatiana sold her share in the multi-million dollar business she’d spent years building; an incredible feat for anyone. Others pointed out Tatiana’s natural leading and coaching ability, so she decided to expand on it. She volunteered to coach seven small businesses to their first million dollars. Tatiana found she gained more energy from coaching than anything else before. In this, she re-discovered her passion and vigor.

A year immersed:

Tatiana made a bold decision to join the Tony Robbins Platinum Membership team and dedicated a year of her life to building on this new found personal discovery. She attended over twenty events, cut off unnecessary ties, and really visualized where she saw herself. Tatiana says she needed the time to “unlearn, unleash, and dig deep” to see her truth clearly. During this time, she saw herself going through a journey so many other women go through. Tatiana realized she had been wearing a masculine mask that so many other women in business trying to “make it” in the professional world, also put on. She saw that by suppressing her natural feminine intelligence and attributes, she’d actually been suppressing her truth and the power that comes from it.

Recognizing the power within all women:

Tatiana’s focus is now helping women know their true essence and learn how to reintegrated into the business world with this new knowledge and power. Tatiana’s goal is to show women that putting on the masculine mask and looking for permission to be empowered in a way that isn’t natural isn’t where our real advantage and success lies. Since rebuilding her ideal life in California, Tatiana now has corporate workshops, seminars, and individual training to bring to gender diversity a different approach; one of understanding and embracing differences. Her mission is to allow women who are in business to rise collectively (very close to that of Women Who Dare). Tatiana believes it’s “no longer a question of leaning in. It’s time to jump in, dare more, and conquer the world with grace.”  She’s built a a sacred space, by women, for women, to elevate their lives and help each other. Tatiana continues to be proof to the lives she touches worldwide, especially through Women Who Dare, that once we change ourselves then can everything around us can change. Women can, authentically, have it all. 

You can lean more about Tatiana’s coaching, Mastermind groups, and the upcoming launch of her Radiance Tribe at tatianadudyez.com. Tatiana will be hosting her first webinar with WWD on  Feminine intelligence: the secrets to magnetic influence  on March 14th. Register here to join Tatiana and WWD.